Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the internship process take?

The internship process usually takes five (5) to seven (7) months depending on the applicant’s experience, English level, and performance during the interviews. In some cases, it takes longer than seven (7) months. But UT grooms and prepares the applicants for these things.

How much will it cost me?

Please see the Terms and Conditions or contact any program specialist from United Towers.

How much will I get if I decide to withdraw my application?

Please see the Terms and Conditions or contact any program specialist from United Towers. Do I have to go to Manila for the interviews?
For the initial cartoon porn interview, sponsor interview, and employer’s/host organization interview, you need
not go to Manila. Usually, all these interviews are done either through Skype or phone. For the
VISA interview, you have to go to the US embassy.

Can I pick the location and/or company I want to work in?

As much as possible, it is best to be flexible if you want to be placed ASAP. There is no
guarantee that the company and/or location you want to work with have openings. If you insist
on a particular location and/or company, the time processing these may vary according to the
demand of that location and/or company.

How long after a sponsor interview will it take before I have the employer’s interview?

The time is indefinite because it depends on the employers if they have checked and reviewed
your requirements.

How long after an employer’s interview do I get the result whether I got the job or not?

It usually takes three (3) to seven (7) working days. It depends on the bulk of work of the

What will happen if I do not pass the VISA interview?

It actually depends on you – either you terminate your application or reschedule for another
VISA interview.

Where milf porn is the CFO office located?

Please check their official website:

How will they know if I attended the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar in CFO or

They will have a sticker on your passport certifying that you indeed attended the PDOS, so always bring your passport.

I already have a social security number and card because I participated in the Work & Travel program but now, I lost my social security card and I do not remember my social security number, what should I do?

You can re-apply for another social security number but you have to notify them that you lost the previous one. You can only re-apply up to three times for free. Succeeding applications would merit a certain amount.

How can I tell if my English is sufficient for the program?

There will be an interview prior to enrollment to the program to measure the applicant’s English proficiency. In this case we may help you to observe what are the things you will not going to reprise and how you will going to answer to the actual interview between you and your employer and having an impressive English proficiency is a big impact during the interview process. We will also help you to have a better English comprehension level during the process.

Having average academic grades might intrude my application?

Under normal circumstances, grades will not be the basis for the illegibility but having great grades will be a plus point in your side because the US embassy sometimes browse and ask some questions regarding your transcript. For instance that your grades are not impressive enough we follow this basis, for example, the school’s passing grade is 60 you must be 60 or over.

Having outstanding grades can help me to join in this program?

Usually having exceptional grades will help you during your application for this program the U.S Embassy might be impress as well as the host company.

How grades can be assessed?

During your application process, please provide us a copy of your Transcript of Records/Evaluation of Grades from your school’s registrar office because you will need it within the process.

The two-year program, students can participate in reading sections?

The two-year college program in Tourism Management, Travel Management and Hospitality Management students in departments participate in the program. Departments other than the achievement of these students can not participate in the program, regardless of circumstances.

Final year students can participate in the program?

Basically Work and Travel Program is designed for 2nd and 3rd year college students but for those students who are in their final year of study can attend a different program, we call it Internship Program but you need to finished your study first then after you graduated you can apply for this.

Foreign students can participate in this program?

There are some conditions apply. All of the students will be accepted for the interview process and there visas will be process here, although the U.S. consulate in their country you may need to contact their embassies. Please ask our consultants are a student, the status of foreign nationals.

What should I do to register? And I need to register in a province where your office?

It’s all in your hand! First thing you need to do is go online wherever you are in the Philippines signing up is the first thing you need to do, Go to [] and look for Work & Travel page of our website and you will see a tab CREATE CV complete the form.
After you create your CV the system will automatically begin taking referrals. This transaction will be carry out directly to United Towers Philippines headquarters then by this enable us to track your online transactions. All application procedures, systems and consultants to be assigned to you, and you will be informed on a regular basis and you will receive all the necessary information through our system or from our program specialist.

Despite there are no job offerings available can I still continue joining the program?

No. Each student participating in the program must have guaranteed work position. Without a guaranteed work position he is not able to participate in the program and this can affect the quality of your application processing time.

How can I find a job in United States?

United Towers have different company partners in the US and black porn before we offer this program we see to it that there are already available jobs waiting for our Work & Travel participants. All you need to do is to pass the necessary interviews and pay basic fees intended for the program application.
Roadshows, Job fairs and Virtual Hiring via web cam and web-based systems are also offered to students for their placement will be organized by United Towers Philippines, as well as the face to face interview/s with our visa sponsors.

How can I make sure that I can find a job in United States?

Once you accepted the job that the CIEE is giving, all the necessary information about your host company and the job description will be printed in your DS-2019 form but before the publishing of your DS-2019 the CIEE will visit the workplace safety, and investigate the accuracy of your skills against the available job positions.

What should I do if I lose my job in United States?

If you experience this kind of problem just follow your employer’s instructions and be sure to get the contact details of CIEE then reach them out immediately. Some Technical details can be read in the contract.

There is also the possibility that the employers is not satisfied because some participants didn’t meet the expectations of their employers or sometimes the participants wasn’t able to perform well in their current position or some undisciplined behaviour arises in this cases you might be given another area or positions within the organization. CIEE wants you to be comfortable to your workplace and let us know if you have any problem concerning with your job.

When can I start working?

Skills related jobs can start working few days after the date of arrival or few days after the start working day agreement. Each employer can also give special days when you will be starting working. Some job orientations and student trainings can be given before they can start working.
Failure to comply with the employment contract is not a good standing. Student records must remain accurate in specifying dates because employers are generally strict in cases of late arrivals. In rare cases, some employers won’t allow students to work until they are expecting to have Social Security Number.

Should I pay taxes during my program?

Yes. The students’ charges are gross. According to the United Statesn tax system, cut all income tax revenues to the tax payees. In this program, approximately 80% of taxes deducted from you will be process and refunded after your return to your home country.
This wide range of information relevant to these issues will be published in the booklet that will be given during students’ arrivals.In this booklet, you can find the necessary information about taxes and tax rebates.

Can I attend Language course during the program?

This has nothing to do with language training program. But students have the right to work on it if language course is available then he can attend in this course during his spare time without affecting the agreed time of work to his employer.

What accommodations need to be solved?

Must note this first: Your housing facilities must be settle before you leave your country and most of the host organizations are doing some arrangement to the nearest housing facilities prior to the arrival of the students, for instance your employer wasn’t able to arrange housing for their students some of them specially the hotels allow these students to stay to the hotel for sort period of time until they find a nearest housing facility. Most housing facilities often demands for deposits ranging from USD 50 to 200 and the monthly rental fee might be range from USD 300-500
Students may ask our service regarding this matter and United Towers will arrange housing for those who asked our assistance free of charge then we will do necessary contracts signing and in this matter the deposit must be paid paid by the student. We can also recommend to our students to stay in an economy hostel for few days as temporary place to stay while looking for other reasonable price facilities you can permanently stay.

Could you give information about Orientation?

Students in this program must receive an orientation before going to United States. During orientations we aim to provide necessary information and we are going to introduce our Play-Learn Online System and let our students browse, log on and make their own CV using our system.

What should I take into consideration before going to United States?

Some necessary information will be found and will be supported in the information booklet. Orientation booklet is a detailed information resource that you should read and keep on hand throughout your stay in the US this will be your comprehensive guide.

Will health insurance cover during the program?

During the program, health and baggage insurance, and its costs will be included in the program price. The scope of your coverage and how you will use your insurance will be discussed during the orientation process.

Can I use my Philippine Driver’s License in the United States?

This rule varies from state to state in United States. Most often many states in the U.S accepting our local license but for a short period of time, Land Transportation Office is also issuing this International Driver’s License visit the nearest LTO in your area for more details. However, plan to use cars in United States to avoid difficulties of one of the first location in the state of your affairs unit (State Motor Vehicle Department) that we recommend to apply. More information will be given during orientation.

What is mobile porn SEVIS?

SEVIS, or the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System is a requirements for all those Student and Exchange Visitor Program participants this system is organized and managed by a computer based system used by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) overseas. Once you enrolled in any of the program under Student and Exchange Visitor Progam the DHS need to encode some of your essential information to their system. SEVIS is managed by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) within U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

How can I apply for a Social Security Number in United States?

Social Security Number (SSN) is very important once you want to work in the U.S. The U.S. government will use this number for identification and monitoring of tax payments. Your employer will assist you in application of your SSN. More explanation regarding SSN will be discuss during Pre-Departure orientation.

Can I extend my visa?

You can never extend your visa because there will be a contract between you and United Towers stating that you will go back to your country after the four (4) months training period and United Towers are keeping this promise until we see each other again.Work & Travel program participants are given up to 4 months maximum of stay in the U.S. Work duration dates are posted on your DS-2019 forms, Then after the last day of your training you can visit and stay to your friends and relatives in maximum of 25 days.

How long can I stay in United States?

Work & Travel program participants are given up to 4 months maximum of stay in the U.S. Work duration dates are posted on your DS-2019 forms, Then after the last day of your training you can visit and stay to your friends and relatives in maximum of 25 days.
To summarize, from the start of your arrival, your working duration and the 25-day summer vacation time and travel time are all included in this four (4) of months of your stay in the U.S. Visa Extensions and Violations in the future will result to serious problem.