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Benzon LiaoBenzon Liao

Gaylord Texan Hotel and Convention Center

Grapevine, Texas

I have always been interested in food since I was a child. After graduating, I grabbed the internship program of United Towers Philippines and it opened a new beginning for me.

My culinary adventure starts in Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center. They teach you the Texan way of hospitality, brimming with smile and confidence. From pastry, kitchen skills and culinary management, they are there to help you by making a journey of learning, fun and experience. They will fuel your culinary aspirations with their passion to teach, share their knowledge, and learn how to become a proficient cook and/or chef in real life.

Having an internship in Texas also provide an opportunity to learn, share and develop understanding of history, culture and traditions. From rodeos, cowboys, boots, and longhorn. As you integrate yourself in a multicultural environment, you also open your mind to new possibilities. It is going beyond the usual career-specific training program. United Tower Philippines’s program is a great way to transform an ordinary experience to extraordinary.

John milf porn Carlo TuazonJohn Carlo Tuazon

Quality Inn Carolina Oceanfront

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Being a part of WAT2014 is the best thing that I ever experienced so far because I have passed through different challenges from the application to getting to US. I thought that was all but tough challenges. Homesickness and pressure at work came but for me, those challenges helped me as an individual: I gained confidence in facing different kinds of people or nationality, learned more about American culture, improved my English communication skills, learned to value the I earned and enhanced my capability to be an independent person. I learned how life goes on outside our classrooms. Behind this success is The United Towers Philippines who opened an opportunity for us students to experience. I owe them for who I am today because without them I mobile porn won’t reach this far. I am very thankful to them because they don’t just give service but service with heart. They see to it that their students are doing good and share some words of encouragement to make us strong facing the challenges of USA! Thanks United Towers Philippines for being part of my journey!


Patricia de Torrontegui

Cheeca Lodge and Spa

Islamorada, Florida

My internship has been extraordinary because it was my first time to be in the USA, my first time to live by myself and my first job ever. The first few days at work were really frightening. I don’t know what to expect and I’m very curious about everything. I’ve realized that struggles are part of the whole experience. It helped me to deepen my knowledge, improve my skills and understand the real definition of customer service. I got the chance to go to places that I’ve been dreaming of. Traveling taught me that there are endless possibilities in life and you’ll be able to achieve your goals if you believe in yourself. It also opened doors to meet new people, understand their culture and make memories that we’ll cherish forever.

Overall, it motivated me to find my passion and make it happen. It’s like an adventure. Exciting, scary but cartoon porn fulfilling!

Jea Dayapdayap

Canon Ranch

Miami, Florida

“You are what yourself you believe to be” a quote of Paulo Coelho. I couldn’t imagine my life without having my internship in the US. I learned how to deal with so many things and embrace life no matter how tough it can be. I realized that you could always do more and go further beyond your compass. It’s one of the best part of my life that I will always love to remember and be grateful of, and I owe that to United Towers!

Marie Jo Palado

North Conway Grand Hotel

North Conway, New Hampshire

Once upon a time there was a fresh grad whom was so eager to be a part of the real world and see the rest of it.

Marie Jo PaladoThank you United Towers! You were like a fairy godmother, helping me through out the process, from preparatory works and through the program execution. And though the clock struck midnight and it was time for me to go home. I brought home with me one of the best years of my life. And you were one of the first to welcome me home!

I black porn found myself the best friends a person could ever had. Traveled all through 5 states in the East Coast and brought home with me certificates and experience that would surely give me an edge in this industry. Until next time! I have the feeling this is not my last time working with you.