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Your present goal in this globalizing world is to build a good step in career as soon you will start the brightest point in your life.
When we look to our country’s current living conditions it seems to be competitive and full of expectations even for our young professionals, graduates from different schools and universities, until, United Towers brings a program to meet this expectations at hand to a single step that will really enrich yourself in every aspect not only for your career but also lead your life for a brighter future.
Every Globalizing Industry is rapidly reaching the highest level of the international trade and business. Most companies in the world opens its doors to all College and University students who are seeking better life to help this students looking for better niche to their future company that they are going to work with in the future. But what are the requirements of this companies for a student qualified for this kind of opportunity, the most important criteria is proficiency in international language, English is very easy to learn. Second, the participants must equipped with experienced in their specialized field.

Internship Program is part of the Cultural Exchange Program which offers candidates who wants to invest more experience on his career in another culture as well as promoting the uniqueness of their own culture to the world. Moreover, thanks to this program for giving students a chance to gain self confidence and when you return from U.S to Philippines you can add this experience to your resume in applying for your dream job, a long term training experience is an excellent reference.
You want to get out ahead of the competition by going abroad, an internship program can convert experience into advantage in this current economy of the Philippines. Participating in an internship program abroad will not only provide experience, but also your worldwide point of view.



The aim of this Internship Program is to help college graduate students and young professionals in the beginning of their career by giving them a chance to create the right opportunity for their own growth and development.

Internship program objectives are:

  • To convert Theories into Practice, at the beginning of their career, the graduate students will be engaged in work based their ideals, skills and knowledge in line with their profession.To get Real Life Experience, when you make a job application, in case that employer will check your employment eligibility for the position and they might review and see the work experiences that you had during your internship.
  • To acquire Valuable Work Experience of a lifetime that you can take advantage by adding it to your CV, so you are one step ahead that will let you lead in the completion in the real world.
  • To contribute personal development and credibility, the participant will be provided the first hand experience of American way of living, workplace conditions and on hand socialization with them. Even from the start of the application process participant will start to experience personal learning and changes in terms of discipline and motivation which are the necessary in every working environment to obtain positive results. Now, take on your responsibility as independent young professionals, hitting the road for a major contribution to make. Businesses around the world are preferable for self-improvement and boosting self-confidence.
  • Internship program, the “master” to reveal your goals.
  • To help you to be aware of your capabilities, Internship will let you learn how to use to use your skills effectively and exhibit your focus and endurance in reaching your goals.
  • To help you to recognize and understand different cultures in International Business Environment and letting you learn how to communicate with them effectively.

UNITED TOWERS PHILIPPINES unites different privileges and arranges into ONE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM to present better future for their participants.

Why you need to join?

The candidates who are studying or graduated from the college, paid or unpaid internship programs abroad for up to 18 months in choosing their own areas of specialization will improve themselves in preparation for the future career opportunities that they might encounter.
Through this program;

  • You will be able to add International work experience to your CV
  • You have visited the country that gives you opportunity to feel their lifestyle and culture
  • You will find the opportunity to win new friends of different nationalities.
  • You will find the opportunity to earn from $1,250-$2,000 per month.
  • You will get the opportunity to develop your English mobile porn proficiency by applying it from time to time during the program.
  • During black porn the program, you will have the country’s health insurance.
  • You will develop your skills and personal traits.
  • You have the opportunity to experience holidays and travel abroad.
  • You will find an opportunity to promote you own culture and country.




Internship is part of the J-1 Visa Cultural Exchange Program of the US which offers fresh graduates the opportunity to gain international paid training. Positions for Internship are entry-level, starting with a basic training plan on the particular field chosen (i.e. F&B/ Housekeeping/Culinary)
To apply you must be:
-A fresh graduate (or have graduated for not more than 12 months)
-18-28 years of age
-With good English level

Duration & cartoon porn Salaries
Participants are given 30-40 working hours per week depending on the work position they got milf porn and the operating hours of the organization where they are working. They can get $1,250-$2,000 per month or an hourly rate ranging from $8.00 up to $12.00.

Fields Available
-HRM, Tourism
-Engineering & IT
-Business, Finance
-Marketing, PR

Application Process and Steps


  • Preparation of CV is appropriate to the program
  • Completion of English Pre-Interview
  • Preparation of the Introduction video
  • Signing of the program Contract
  • Pre-Registration Fee


  • Information and documents prepared in accordance with hotel chains and institutions
  • After the submission of the required documents and files essential for the job position
  • Preferred Setting the hotel
  • Hotel will decide who will be hired based on the requirements and interview procedures.
  • Work and Study in the United States gives approval of related documents
  • Stage for the preparation of documents required for visa appointments


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For more information regarding the International Internship program, please create your resume/cv HERE